Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crabby child turns author!

Today proved to be a mix of moods and emotions for my daughter who is almost 6! We all have days like that! Especially us women!

She was very good all day and had a great time celebrating her friend's birthday and then it was time to come home. She threw a huge fit at Target about hair stuff..she wanted new barrettes, headbands and pony holders. I tried to explain in a way that would be a good lesson that we do not buy things all the time just because we want them...I bet in her head she was saying "but you go to Starbucks all the time." Anyway, we get home and she loses it just before dinner again...I gave her a time out. Then I said she could sit at the table and color or draw until dinner. Meanwhile, I am making dinner she starts asking me how to spell words..she is in Kindergarten and most of the words she asks me to spell are like "why, house, doll, etc." Instead she was asking me how to spell God and Savior! She was making a book and the title was "God is our Savior" (she spelled "our" as "are"..but you get the idea). See the picture at the top of this post. Then she drew pictures...God on a bus, a train, God hugging Mom, God hugging kids, etc...I said "oh you drew that because God is with us everywhere?" She said "no Mom, you know he is riding the bus and the train in Heaven so he can hug everyone." Wow...I do not know what else to say!

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