Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schools almost out!

That's right! Another school year almost over...currently we are in the hurry up and pack it all in mode...track and field day, pen pal pincic, year end picnic, kindergartner hot lunch day...the list goes on. Plus, our summer sports have started and we are doing baseball several nights a week between the 2 boys and my daughter starts soccer in a couple weeks.

Summer is a nice break from routine but I really do not think I am ready. I had these visions of everything being in perfect order and ready so that we can just spend our days frolicking in the sunshine. Well, not sure that will happen, I haven't packed away winter yet...the winter gear is is piled in our storage closet with hats and mittens in a kitchen garbage bag...not in the labelled bin that I usually have it in by now.

If you know me even a little you know I like things planned out and orderly. Well that is not really going to well for me these days. Although I still strive for that, I am not getting there. I really plan to get there again we just need to get through the next 2 weeks of chaos.

I am hoping and praying to be able to keep the kids busy and enjoying the summer without running somewhere constantly. I really want them to enjoy being home. It is not their fault. Today so many of us are going full speed ahead all the time and we have forgotten how to retreat to home and have some family fun. There it is! That is my goal for the summer. You heard it here. I welcome your ideas on how to accomplish that. What do you do to help keep your home a place to come back to...where the family meets together to connect? I'll keep you posted on how it is going.

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