Thursday, July 02, 2009

It was simpler

It used to be our days consisted of waking without an alarm. We would eat breakfast, watch Sesame Street and play trains while still in our pj's. It was simpler. Then we might move some laundry and get dressed so we could head outside to play. Sometimes we would head to ECFE class or Mom's Morning Bible Study. It was simpler. I was more tired and sometimes went more than a day without a shower. It was simpler. Sitting in the back yard while the kids played on the swings or in the sandbox. I remember that big blow up pool the boys played in that was big enough for a two person tube and they would float for hours. It was simpler. I would spend an hour each buggy summer evening emptying, cleaning and refilling that pool. Still it was simpler.

Today I have older children and a baby, more laundry, more mess, more yard, more stuff to keep up with, more meetings, more miles on the van and I still often have to go more than a day between showers. I have become my kids' personal secretary fielding daily calls for play dates and butler to the ever ringing doorbell. I need gps chips in the older kids to keep track of where they are off too, frankly the baby needs one to...she is often off and running the minute I turn my back. It is not so simple!

This is not to say that our changing family isn't filled with joyful moments. I have just felt a lot lately like I wish it was a little simpler. My kids seem to have a busier social life than I do. I miss watching them just run outside and figure out what to do. The time when a toy John Deere tractor and the sandbox could occupy for hours. Now nothing occupies them longer than 45 minutes and even that is pushing it unless it involves food. The thought of a family night at home or everyone pitching in to clean the house or weed the yard/garden often receives grumbles or if they willingly help out they are done in 10 minutes.

All this has me thinking...about ditching the TV, no more activity sign ups, no meetings. More family time, experiences, bike rides, growing our own food. I long to take the kids to the beach with no timeline (usually we can go go but only for an hour because we need to get home to get ready for something else). Something a little more simple.

Will I actually ditch the TV and not let them sign up for sports...well, I might actually ditch our TVs but I probably won't keep them from the sports they love to play and I love to watch. I guess it is all about balance. I am searching for something...a little less stressful, a littlest less busy and hopefully a lot more simple.

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