Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Beauty in the Mess

Some days I frantically clean the house to keep busy and others I sit and do nothing but stare out the window. Looking at the trees blowing in the breeze, listening to the birds sing and marvelling at the beautiful butterfly that only visited my kitchen window each afternoon for 3 days last week after I saw perfect beauty.
grief is messy
in the sadness, despair, questions & doubt
in the hiding & pretending you are fine
the lies build
you did this, you deserved this
but I found beauty in what seemed the messiest of the mess
{made perfect}
in that beauty I find more
the ways I have been carried all along
those who came alongside
prayers & meals
love & shared tears
scripture & song
someone being nudged by the spirit
to reach out to me
He brings that beauty
especially in the mess

1 comment:

  1. May I offer this...that you, yourself, are also beauty. God created you as a wonderful wife, mom, woman and champion. You may feel like things are messy...but your vulnerability and finding God as the one to be dependent on is beauty. You are beautiful.