Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have relied on the daisy many times in my life. "he loves me, he loves me not; he loves me, he loves me not..." A school age crush, teenage romance and even the love of my life while we dated. Sometimes it wasn't love I was trying to figure out but life...which job to apply for, which college to attend, when to begin a family...in all those times I relied on the daisy, whether it was physically in my hand or not.

The last 2 months, with no daisy physically in my hands I have done the same. I sit with the music on, "He loves me..." I stare out the window as the tears fall, "He loves me not..." I hold onto His word with what little strength I can, "He loves me..." I hold my flattened belly "He loves me not..." This would play out each day and often in the darkness of night {of my soul} over and over and over again. Pausing long enough at "He loves me not..." to crush my heart with lies.

I begged Him to lift the weight that I could not. I begged Him to come to my rescue. I begged Him to breath the Truth back into my heart and to fill the emptiest place I have ever been.

He is... then as if He had a daisy in His hand, I hear "I love you..." a petal falls, "I love her..." another falls.


  1. Oh Jen, He does. HE DOES. He loves you both, so, so much. This is beautiful and perfect.

  2. Beautiful writing. Let the truth sink in. Good words.