Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Psalm of my season

Ever read a Psalm and it feels like you could have written it? I was opening my Bible this evening looking up scripture references for today's devotional. I open to Psalm 77. I read it, again and again; the Psalm of my season. A season of grief, season of rescue.

many nights the sleep was brief
awakened to the dark night
not knowing what to say to Him
could not utter the words {any words}
not anger, trust or praise
only tears
darkness crept in deeper still
searching for answers
His love gone?
no longer gracious and compassionate?
are You there?
reminded to remember
pondering all that's been redeemed
Your hand, its seen me through before
You had a way through my sea of tears
though Your hand felt hidden
you led me by the hands of others

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