Friday, July 02, 2010


dawn nears
I wake restless
the world is making
ready for this day
as should I
yesterday's fear comes again
I call out to You, My King
through salty tears
how will I make it today
in this world with other cares
the sun begins to rise
You hear my cry
and with a gentle whisper
ask me to linger
come rest a little longer
in You
eagerly I curl up like a babe
in Your loving embrace
I am assured of Your presence
which carries me {yet again}
through another day


  1. This was a beautiful psalm of God's love and his gentle care. I was reading a chapter in Beth Moore's book last night about fears and how we can rest in His powerful peace. And like you said, it's a process of calling out his Might Name daily so we can rest in that peace.
    So glad you shared this.