Monday, July 12, 2010

Josie Rae

She is spunky, bendable, helpful, caring, outgoing, determined and has a heart of gold. And she is already 9 years old {today}. Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 5:15 pm Miss Josie Rae entered this world. I have been telling others how she was supposed to be Leah Rae...but when she arrived and we saw something in her eyes, Greg and I both agreed she was Josie Rae. I think it fits her. The picture above is from a little over 4 years ago...and I have always thought it really captures her personality.

She and I are so much alike. So much so that it usually causes us to not agree on a few many things...often on a daily basis. She seeks out social justice within the family when she doesn't think something is fair...much like her mama. She is always making sure we all grab life with both hands and have a lot of fun along the way. She lives life full, often with a cartwheel on top.

When she was almost 6 years old, we had had one of those rough days...but it turned so beautifully and I want to share the link to a post I wrote that day titled "Crabby Child Turns Author"

She shows deep empathy for others, like I have rarely seen in someone her age. She has been a rock for me the last few months. It was like she could sense tears falling from my face even when she was in another room. She would hug me, she would ask questions no little girl should have to ask. In worship, she is {still} watching me like a hawk...she knows sometimes it gets me there. She'll ask "are you sad, mommy?" and wraps her arms around me. She prayed for Abigail even before she or even we knew she had been formed. She asked God, in her sweet innocent little voice out of the blue one very cold winter night..."Dear God, please make my mommy pregnant." She knows something we don't or at least her heart sees with different eyes.

This beautiful child loves life and has taught me so much about how to "live, laugh and love."

Happy Birthday, Miss Josie Rae! It is such a joy to watch you become a beautiful young lady.


  1. She is such a delight! The story about her name makes me smile...and you know why. :) Happy Birthday Beautiful Josie!

  2. Haha, she is super adorable and love her name!