Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Usually I let the machine do the work. Even if there are dishes left over, I just wait until the dishwasher runs its cycle and then unload, reload, repeat.

Such is life...unload, reload, repeat.

Tonight though the desire to slow came without warning, as I stood hunched over stainless steel filled with dirty.  I made room, filled the sink and soaked my hands in the water. Sitting at the well of suds I ponder what I see in the window in front of me.

Maybe it is just busyness and fatigue. Feels like more. Longer I gaze through glass into night. I keep saying what it missing. Feeling the flaws. I have time to really think it all...the big, the little, the not important at all.

unload. reload. repeat. over and over. but never enough.

One thing to the next...drive-thru diet coke, drive-thru hello, goodbyes, drive-thru prayers.

Everything can be done so fast now; on my computer, my phone...I don't have to stop and soak it in.

Need to soak it in...stillness

I crave something to calm the feelings...the day, the dreams, my words, my spirit...broken.

I try to steady it all with quick fixes...still thirsty...so thirsty.

I stared long and hard at the me longing for a quench like no other.

I place my tightly folded hands back in the water...living water...dreamily and I savor it.

"You are Enough"

I scarce can take it in.

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  1. Seems like you and I were on the same wavelength today.

    It feels good to embrace enough, doesn't it?

  2. This is exactly why I "unplug" now and then. I put away the computer, I turn off my phone and I just soak it all in. Sometimes for a day, sometimes more. The world is always there, waiting for me, when I'm ready.

  3. Took me awhile to learn there wasn't enough of anything I could put in from the outside to fix the broken places inside.

    Good luck on your journey.

    You are enough. And yes, it is unbearable until you believe it.

  4. I just came over from The EO and I feel the same way! Glad to know others are feeling the same.

  5. I think I need to take time to just 'unplug' and soak it all in!! Can't tell you when last I did that!!!!!!

    Stopping by from EO's Just Write!! Thanks for sharing your post!!

  6. Slowing down = pure bliss.

    Thank you for the (much needed) reminder!

  7. Slowing down the chaos of life is always the answer, and yet so difficult to remember when in the midst.
    Thank you for sharing, well written!

  8. I have to actually wash the dishes by hand everyday and with a family of 6 and Daddy almost always at work during dinnertime, I get to unwind and soak it all in at about 10:00 pm right before I go to bed.
    But at leasst I get to do that, right?

  9. This is just beautiful. I can feel the slowing down in the words.

  10. The silence and solitude. The stillness. It's then when we really see Him come into view out of the blur. This was beautiful. I love your way with words, Jen.