Thursday, October 06, 2011

Her Own Style

She has this thing about getting her outfits ready for daycare the night before.
I start to tell her maybe it's going to be too warm tomorrow or that it doesn't match.
{this is when you pick your battles, cause really does it matter?}

She emphatically states "But I have to wear this to see my friends,
so I need leggings under my skirt"

"Look at my beautiful clothes"

She's definitely our free spirit.
Amazing the life lesson in the freedom of expression through her clothing choices.
{okay,well maybe the red socks are a bit too much perfect}

Hat: Target, hand me down
Shirt: Hello Kitty, hand me down
Skirt: Gymboree, hand me down
Leggings: Target (but thrifted)
Socks: Gymboree

Linking up at the last minute to Small Style at Mama Loves Papa