Monday, January 30, 2012

The Real Lesson in Having Less

I have piles in my house, to be donated...the excess that is suffocating our home. It began this New Year with the prompting of Melissa's post which was inspired by Molly's Great Declutter Challenge. I am determined to get rid of 500 lbs of clutter.

I was moved to do my first gathering of things, I purged over 100 lbs. Some items were able to be sold, most was donated. So today as January is coming to a close, I am continuing to weed our home of excess. I am amazed at what I am finding. When every bed has sheets and the linen closet is overflowing, we have too much. Plain and simple.

I have had plans such as this before, I get rid of stuff, but often used it as an opportunity to replace with more. The bottom line is we are a very busy family and don't have the time or space to deal with all the extra stuff.

This time is different. It is about living differently from others. It is about not buying into the pressure to have more, do more and be more.

We spend much of our free time [which is very little], getting things back in order, washing, folding, picking up dusting...while those things cannot be completely avoided...I am convinced having less of the things we don't have time for anyway can only help us spend less time keeping our house and more time making a home.

This is not about being a part of a movement and but more about being a good steward and teaching my children that our happiness is not found in the stuff that we accumulate but rather the relationships we build through time spent together without the interference of things.

Less gives us opportunity to be present more, to give more, to love more and to thank more.

Be, Give, Love and Thank.

Each other.

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  1. I have joined Melissa with this challenge, too! I've felt so weighed down lately and I want to release that. I want to get rid of things we'll never use. It's stupid to carry all that (and we just moved, so I carried it all...multiple times!!)