Friday, March 23, 2012


We talk about it a lot.  Even nearly 2 years later. Heaven and her. It is often a tearful plea to bring her baby sister back here from there. Or how when we shop she always seems to find something Abigail needs. Really tiny baby shoes or a new blankie. I explain each time.  How we won't need shoes or a blankie in Heaven because it will be everything we could possible want or need, especially that we get to be with Jesus. She interjects, "and my baby sister.?" I reply "yes."

Yesterday she asked me "how do we get to Heaven, when we die? We fly?" I explained, "sort of...Jesus comes to take us to Heaven." She goes on "How can he lift us when we're so BIG and OLD?" I just sat thinking of how to respond and just said "He just can," She said, "like a superhero?" And before I could get a word in she says "At daycare we call my friend Mac, Batman."


  1. Oh how precious!Ivy calls heaven "Kevin" and said she wants to get sick so she can go to Kevin and see Poppal. We had a long talk after that one! :)


  2. Oh, the perspective, the faith, the simplicity of a little one. xoxo