Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 Years in Pictures

Happy 4th Birthday Jessica Eve!

I have no words...
Jessica said to me Monday, "did you know this is my last day being 3?" 
I said, "Yes and I am kind of sad, because I miss you being my baby."
She said while patting me on the shoulder, "Don't worry mama, I will always be your baby."

2008-Smiley Newborn
2009-Happy 1st Birthday
2010-Happy 2nd Birthday

2011-Happy 3rd Birthday

2012-Almost 4 years old


  1. Oh my gosh! is she adorable or what?! It is so hard for me every time I think of my kids getting so big or having their birthdays. I just have to remind myself that each day is such a blessing and watching them grow will always be worth the tears. My little Paige is almost 3 months!!! Time just flies!

    Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!

  2. She is so beautiful Jen.

    Happy 4th Birthday to her and you.

  3. I have a little one who just turned four too - my heart broke as i made her birthday video...she is just getting so big!!

    Your daughter is beautiful!