Monday, April 09, 2012

Marriage Letters: Name Calling

Dear Greg,

Words have power. The words I use to name you have even more.

I have never been one to use those sweet nothing sort of cupcake, snookums, babe, sweety, etc. Instead I call you by name most of the time.

Speaking of your name.  I dreamed of your name...that my husband would be a Greg. Probably because my aunt, not too many years older than me dated a Greg...and I looked up to her.

{You really were my dream come true}

Sometimes, when I see you are having a rough day I may call you honey or dear. To let you know I care and to see if there is anything I can do.

To the kids, I call you daddy...or dad now that the bigs are getting bigger...they think daddy is silly...just like they don't call me mama or mommy.

Sometimes I even call you "Big Strong Handsome Daddy."

If I am this crazy busy, mixed up, broken and blessed life, I may call you a name that should never leave my lips let alone enter my mind. I am pretty sure the same happens to you.  If we're being honest. But mostly it is no worse than GREGORY!

I hope you know though, that I always call you my husband or hubby, partner, teammate, better half when I speak of you to others. Although, I think I mentioned something tonight with the ladies about "what's with dumb husbands leaving their cell phones on SILENT." Anyway.

I hope you feel I honor you when I speak of you and to you...certainly writing this letter has me thinking harder about what might come out of my mouth.


*Marriage Letters are back. I am joining Amber, Seth, Joy and Scott as we write letters to our spouses. Marriage is hard work...but so worth it.  Join us as we fight for and build up our marriages.  Next week's prompt is "I Trust You Because..."

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  1. I ditto the whole thinking about the names I name after reading all these letters- words have such power. And as a wife of a husband whose husband always leaves his phone on silent, I commiserate. Drives me batty! He has it off for work, and then forgets to turn it back on...