Saturday, April 21, 2012


We had never met before. Slowly one by one we all ended up in a room around a table together, reaching out for support after pregnancy and infant loss. Each of us mamas vary in age and so did our babies gone too soon and I don't know that our paths would have otherwise crossed. 

We gather together mostly as mommies for coffee and we laugh, share and cry together. Once in awhile, we gather as families. We had the honor of hosting all six of our beautiful families last night for a baby shower for the sweet baby above and her mama. Because that is what we do...just as we grieve loss together, we celebrate life together!

These are amazing, Godly women and families, that I call friends. I don't pretend to understand the why's or the how's. I am just grateful and blessed to be on this journey together with each of them.


  1. Love! Thanks again for hosting. Jack is still talking about how much fun he had. ;)

  2. I cannot pretend that I have the faintest idea what you ladies have gone through however it does cause me to pause and reflect and give thanks for the life (lives) I have been given.

  3. Friendships are so 'sacred and precious'...we are thankful for his gift given to us through others. I am glad you have this special group of ladies to share with.