Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days: Recap

Well 10 days just sailed on by, didn't they;)

I really had intentions of writing last week but you know a lot was happening and if this was about "finding my way home again" well then I needed to live those words and not just type them.

I was present to make big decisions like needing to move our eleven year daughter from one school to another, monitor an infection in my thirteen year old son's arm, doctor visits, x-rays and an MRI for my fifteen year old son and my four year old daughter just needed her mama to read to her.

I am ashamed to admit not much reading to the above mentioned preschooler was happening just over a month ago. School issues, illness and injury stressed me out a month ago, almost as if I did not have time to deal with an inconvenience {grace, please} I'm learning that I am not always in control and sometimes when things come up you have to deal with them even if it means putting something else off for the moment.

When I am asked how I like being home again...I often grin and say "I love it." I really do. It is the pace of life I am wired for. No, the house isn't spotless, there is always something out of place but I read to my child and not just the book I could get through the quickest. We read and we laughed and then we read it again. I was able to handle doctor appointments, oh and that never ending flexible spending nightmare-ugh! I'll spare you the details but I rocked it!

I am discovering that all this stuff {the real tangible stuff in this house} is truly impeding life and joy. So I am continuing to purge-sell, give and save for future garage sale fundraisers because it doesn't make any of us happy. I began this quest to lose 500lbs of clutter back in January and have purged more than 500 lbs and counting.

I feel less like I need to escape home and more like I just want to stay home, preferably in yoga pants. It is not always glamorous and sometimes I drop off at school in my pajamas and there is no make up and no shower until 2 pm. I still need a coffee/diet coke and chocolate take me away moment here and there-thankful for the Halloween candy!

But it is home, I am here and it so makes my heart smile.

While I did not write  for all 31 Days of Finding My Way Home part of The Nester's  31 Days writing challenge, I still found my way home again.

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