Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Five Minute Friday: Race

The last couple days have been jammed packed with fast. Something in most minutes of the day.

I lived full, fast racing days before.

Ten-ish days of mostly slow moving through my days, getting much done, but nothing too fast. Then back to fast pace gets me a bit twitchy.  

I long for simple pauses in the day, even when this world says it's a RACE...GO.

Sometimes there is guilt and feeling like maybe it is lazy.

When I stop the race though:

...I see the blessing in being available for my children as they ready for school

...the look in my husband's eyes as he walks in the door to a meal on the table

...the joy in my preschoolers eyes that she gets me all day long

...the abundance of food in our kitchen and even the dishes that fill the sink and give thanks. the water makes clean a sink full, I pause to take in the autumn painting He gives right out my window I continue to make our home, I fill with joy for all that has been given and I am filled to keep going

...even in the days that I have to RACE and hurry, I am filled to run it and even more grateful for the slow.

I am writing for 31 Days of Finding My Way Home part of The Nester's  31 Days writing challenge.

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