Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Day 2: A Family That Eats Together...

I grew up sitting down at approximately the same time each day for dinner. It was a given. It wasn't rushed and we learned to take turns and share about our day.

A lot has changed in 30 years.  As parents, we work longer. As families, we are busier.  Our children start activities much earlier in life. We are really good at saying yes to many things that take us away from our homes.

I feel sad that everyday the busy keeps us from all eating together. That on any given day one or more of us has to be somewhere. It leaves only rare instances for us to sit and eat together.

I have been caught up in the busy, almost asking for more of it.  But I have learned when I get to the point of wanting to sell everything, buy an RV and hit the road with my family, that it is time to slow down. Even though I actually really want to do that {ask my friends}...it is more of a sign that I need to take a step back.

Jessica, my 4 year old,  says our dinner prayer each night that we actually sit down together. She insists on leading it and reminds us if we forget.

It is more than inviting Jesus to our table, to come sit with us, to bless that which we are about to eat. It is acknowledging that He alone is our nourishment; by His word, by His grace and even by the frozen pizza we sometimes devour in haste to get to the next thing.

My goal is to have more meals like this. While it still may not be everyday and not always all six of us. I hope to cook something everyday.  We may still eat in shifts and quickly run out the door. Hoping we can set aside one day where we preserve that time as a family, to sit and linger just a bit. No cell phones, no television, no music and no computers.

I am on the lookout for creative ways to start conversation around the table, creative meal ideas (maybe even themed) and some new ways to offer our table grace {if Jessica will let us}.

Come Lord Jesus, Be Thou our guest
Let these gifts to us be blessed
Blessed be God who is our bread
May all the world be clothed and fed. Amen.

 Do you have a creative way to make family mealtime more meaningful?
I would love to read your ideas, please leave a comment!

I am writing for 31 Days of finding my way home again as part of The Nester's 31 Days writing challenge. 

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  1. Needed to read this today. Thanks!

  2. We are trying to eat together too. It's pretty easy right now, the kids are still little and have no choice. :)

    When we would go to my grandma's house, we used a similar prayer.

  3. We do eat together every night, now my kids arw younger but we've been diligent about protecting it. We also have a kids/family devotional (I'll get the name when I get home) that we read. Now that I have a reader he does the readings.

  4. I need a remedy for stinky 4-yr-old girl feet!! LOL. My boys? I just have to get them to change their socks!!

    For meals, I try to let them guide what I make- I'll make their favorites and sometimes it's just a simple pasta or BLTs and sometimes we'll go around the table and take turns saying what we liked about our day. Usually it ends up in who can be the silliest and gets out of hand, but at least we're there. We did used to read those "Would You Rather?" cards (the non gross side) at dinner and that's fun- to guess what you think they'd pick and what they'd really pick!


  5. Oops! I don't know why this posted here. I meant to reply to the other post!