Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Day 9: Here

Life is quiet chaos right now.  Being right here in it has hushed the insanely loud and lightened a load of stress.

It wasn't that life itself was stressful before, but that I stressed about every little detail. If I did not then something was forgotten. Even so I would still drop the ball.

It is still busy. The kid's activities, homework and needs are the same. Just different in how I attend to them. With more calm and a gentle hand.

We still have moments, of course where we all lose our cool but with grace we figure it out.

We have eaten at our own table together 8 out of 9 days in October, with food from our kitchen prepared by me {hubby did one day}, with the stacks of dishes and dishpan hands to prove it. The laundry piles are no longer insurmountable and I am enjoying it.

Oh I am sure, we will have a crazy week where we eat in shifts, the dishes might sit, the papers pile and there will be free expedition hikes up Mount Le Laundry Pile.

But right now this is good. It feels right and even though it comes with some sacrifice, I don't ignore for a moment what a blessing it is that I am able to do this.

Do you know what it feels like to be walking this road, this life and wondering when you will get to where you were supposed to be? Even though you thought you were there once before, then there are bumps and curves and sometimes necessary rest stops, even long stays;  uncertain of why it has taken this long to find your way there.

I am pretty much here.


I am writing for 31 Days of Finding My Way Home Again...as part of The Nester's  31 Days writing challenge.

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