Friday, November 09, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Quiet

Sometimes it is no where to be found.

I need quiet like I need water. To quench, wash and to heal. Even just for rest.

So much noise fills the day that even when all around me is hushed my mind starts coming in like an unwelcome guest.

All I want is stillness...away from the to do's, the don't forgets, the you don't measure ups....

Enough quiet that is more than the five minute prayer before I drift off to sleep, or the frequent middle of the night wakefulness that stir unsettled feelings or the early morning minutes before my family rises. Those seemingly quiet times are rush and still so noisy.

I crave something more than those moments. But so hard to find. Something more than token, rote prayers.

You'd think for someone who loves Jesus like this it would not be so hard. But it is.

Sometimes I am afraid of  what He might say or what the quiet might reveal.

I must be intentional in creating quiet, so much so I am reading a book and it is guiding me through deliberate steps to regain that time. I am in constant conversation with Him through each day...but even more to set aside time to praise, be still and listen and make it my own with Him.

To climb up in His lap and sit awhile...oh yes please.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. I very much relate to this post. Thank you for sharing.