Monday, March 25, 2013

Because We Need to Talk About It

I have to admit, I knew nothing of this incident in Ohio until I read some posts mentioned below.

When an incident in our community happened recently, though not identical it was an opportunity. An opportunity for my husband and I to talk with our boys (13 and 15). It was one of the many moments to talk about how we value people, how we honor God and how we do the right thing. Along with the way we show them, the way my husband shows them how you treat a girl, a woman.

We have to talk about this and the reason I share the links below is because these faithful women don't just have a way with putting words to this...but the word of God, the very breath of God dwells in each of them...their words are from the very heart of God.

And I offer this: The world will not show our kids Jesus, instead it seeks to draw them away...and our kids, especially now, need Jesus.

Our boys need us to help them stay accountable and not just play it off like they accidentally hit a baseball into the grumpy neighbor's window.

Our girls need us to show them how they are valued, safe and they don't have to say yes.

I am coming to grips with the fact that I cannot put my kids in a bubble, free of all that tries to snatch them up but I can ready them to face showing them where there worth is measured and it is not by the boy's locker room banter or how short her shorts are.

Please take some time and read the posts below. Some are worth sharing with your tweens/teens as appropriate and great discussion starters...and some of it is great resource for you as parents.

Most importantly pray...pray for your children's hearts and minds, for protection. Just as God seeks to protect us from harm, comfort us in loss, redeem our every hurt; He seeks to support us in this important calling as parents.


*Ann Voskamp at  A Holy Experience :

"Son. When the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys — girls will be garbage."
About Steubenville: 25 Things Our Sons Need To Know About Manhood

*Kristin at We Are That Family :

"It’s time for moms to be offended and stand up to giant stores like Victoria’s Secret and the way they sell sex to our daughters."
Raising Daughters in a World That Devalues Them: 7 Things We Must Tell Them


"But this isn’t just about modesty or what stores sell, it’s not about sex or singleness or feminism, it’s about choices we make and boundaries we lay as parents as we raise them in a world filled with degradation and objectification.  It’s about loving our little girls and leading them by example.  It’s about going against what our culture says is okay and trying to live more like Jesus."
Resources for Raising Girls in Our World Today

*Heather at The Extraordinary Ordninary

"Treasure the boy that knows you’re a gift to have found."
After Steubenville: notes to my Elsie Jane


" We all want our boys to know this, so let’s keep talking to them, and teaching them who comes first. Maybe a lot of people do, but certainly not themselves and ideally, a girl. A cherished girl who is always shown respect and honor, always. Every girl and any girl. First."
On The Steubenville Boys and My Boys

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