Sunday, March 10, 2013

Simple Sunday

Took in many basketball games this weekend...2nd place in State Tournament!
Now another season of Basketball is over. Baseball tryouts already next weekend.
Came home to rest with what remained of the weekend...a cell phone missing 3 days now so we turn just about everything upside down. No phone was found, though the bookcase was reordered and it is a simple thing that brings immense joy and makes me want to stop everything and just read.

"Acha" {that is what the 4 year old calls her} was tired of all the picking up...though this looks like how I felt when we still did not find the phone. We know it is in the house.

I started to think about filling out these forms...I just cannot fathom that 6 months from now my youngest climbing her tiny legs up the steps into a giant yellow bus and off to school

Instead of inking those forms I decided to take two inexpensive too small bath mats and stitch them together to make one just right.

I wish there were more hours in this weekend...but I say that every weekend. So I will simply sit a little longer and watch another episode of Downton and pretend the weekend is not almost over.

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