Thursday, May 02, 2013

Give The Gift of Teamotions Tea & Help Break The Silence

In the days and weeks after my pregnancy losses some of the most comforting moments were in the company of a dear friend and sipping something warm. It was actually how I started to love tea. 

In general as a mom the days can be long and draining no matter how much we love what we do. Sometimes I am lucky to have a few minutes early in the morning before the day begins or late at night after everyone else has settled in. In general I am a coffee drinker but several times a week I do sip some hot slows me down and prepares me for the busy day or calms and recharges me at the end of the day. Let's be honest, some days we need something to slow us down and rest and it is even more important when we are enduring hardship or loss.

I am thrilled to share an opportunity for you to enjoy some Teamotions Tea and help the STILL Project!

I recently learned about the STILL Project and have been following closely the progress on a documentary they are working on. Having experienced pregnancy loss three times and realizing how nobody wanted to talk about it, I am happy to help spread the word and Break the Silence!

From the STILL Project Website: "STILL is a feature length documentary film project aimed at breaking the cycle of silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. STILL will examine the effects of a grief avoidant society and will educate through organic experience."

Here is the video trailer:

About Teamotions (from their website):  'An Emotional Well Being Cup of Tea made into a Truly Healing Experience. ' Teamotions Tea was founded by Rachel Crawford. She found her solace in teas after her twin daughters past in their early weeks of birth. Rachel and her sister Crystal founded Teamotions Tea in 2008 to create and support emotional well-being by transforming a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience. Teamotions Teas are handcrafted and blended with adaptogen herbs, producing teas that will inspire you and comfort others.

Their goal is to bring back into focus the inherent human need for emotional health and wellness. Tea is their chosen vessel, their means of reaching out to others in a tangible way to express something intangible; their genuine care for their emotional well-being.  It is their belief that a meaningful existence is impossible without emotional wellness.  

Teamotions is donating $2 for every tin of HAVE HOPE tea sold on their website to the STILL Project-now thru August 31, 2013.  It's the perfect Mother's Day gift! Or stock up for Birthdays, Teacher Gifts and more!
See below for more information. 

Disclaimer: This post is my own words, except where noted in referring to info from  and No monies or products were given to me in exchange for this post. I am just happy to help spread the word.


  1. jen - i'm sorry for your loss. i hope you have found some moments of healing. thanks for sharing about the project, too -- i will look into this! take care - have a good week.

  2. Thank you for writing this Jen. Without everyone's help we would not be able to make this film, assist those in need and tell the world our collective story.

    We're grateful for your support.

    Jonathan Pascual