Friday, June 07, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fall {Finding My Knees Again}

It happened one day. Sitting in quiet like I often do.

It is early.

Sitting at my desk.

Hands wrapped 'round the warmth of my coffee mug.





But easily distracted even in the quiet.

Only it wasn't complete phone and computer volume were high enough for me to hear Facebook, Twitter and email notifications.

This happens a lot...and sometimes I go check them.

This time was different.

I resisted with all my being.

Feeling something I hadn't felt I needed to stay.

Then these words left my lips:

 "Lord why do I let these distractions keep me from You. Help me to seek You above the world, above my to can I surrender to You, to my time with You...not just today when I realize it but everyday before the distractions come near."

Then stronger than the feeling to avoid the beeps of my phone and computer...I felt pulled down. Falling.

And I found my knees again.

Five Minute Friday


  1. It is a struggle, a challenge, isn't it - the art of disconnecting and staying connected. I liked the way you worded it - your knees. Good words.

  2. Thanks for this reflection, this good reminder. I so appreciate you, friend.

  3. Really beautiful, Jen. Needed this reminder.

  4. I love this reminder. Your post made me think of this song which has been on my mind since I first heard it last week. It is Tim Timmons...Starts with me