Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Day 1: Breakfast for Dinner

Today proved to be a real test of this challenge...and it is only day one.

Today was headache laden and full. Probably one of our busiest evenings we could possibly have and it is my husband's birthday.

I had a plan...and I had about 40 minutes to pull it off. I used honey wheat english muffins instead of whole wheat toast. Jessica thinks it is easier to eat her eggs on them anyway. For a five year old, she is pretty smart!

Breakfast for dinner is often a go to meal for our family...it is  a meal nobody complains about, packed with protein and very inexpensive.

The eggs were NOT cage free and the bacon was NOT uncured but that is something I am working toward.

I cook with coconut oil fairly regularly these days...using it in place of olive oil and even in place of butter at times. Coconut oil has many health benefits and it tastes great too. My kids took a little time to adjust to it...they often said they noticed the flavor. Several months later of continuing to cook with it and they never say a word. You can learn more about coconut oil by reading this. There is a lot more information online as well. We even use it on skin. We have treated burns, blisters, chapped lips, dry and cracked hands and more.

Tonight's dinner was not gourmet and if I am honest, all six of us did not sit down together. But we had a wholesome meal at home. Except the birthday boy! He had worked late and then went straight to his "old man" basketball game so he took extra food with him to work today.

Tomorrow is our pizza night at church. But I will share a bit about community meals.

I am joining
The Nester for #31Days of writing in October 

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