Thursday, October 03, 2013

Day 3: Sometimes It Comes From A Box & That Is Okay

It was a busy day and I forgot to take food out of the freezer in the morning for what I had planned to make.

So...dinner was from a box...a rare treat that my kids love Deluxe Mac and Cheese (AKA Velveeta Shells and Cheese)! We also made yummy green beans. My kids love the frozen french green beans from Trader Joe's. They are sweeter and they are very affordable. My kids have been known to heat up a bowl for an after school snack!

While my kids still enjoy the typically snacks like granola bars and tortilla chips...the do actually like healthier options like the above mentioned green beans.

Of course, I rarely find something that all four of them would eat as a snack but here are a couple things that I can get a couple of my kids to eat and often they even beg me to make it.

Green Smoothies

The recipe I use can be found here only I do not use the egg yolks.

Another very healthy snack is Kale Chips. If you have not tried Kale in anyway, I encourage you to give it a go. It is great baked as chips, but also holds up well in soups and even tossed with other greens in a salad. I have also sauteed it with other veggies or my favorite saute combo is onion, cubed sweet potatoes and kale as a side dish or even mixed in my scrambled eggs.

Here are the Kale Chips before after being washed, the stems removed, tossed in coconut oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

And after-they are crunchy and salty and they definitely hit the spot that a good old fashioned potato chip would...personally I think they are better!

I am joining The Nester for #31Days of writing in October 

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