Friday, October 04, 2013

Day 4: The Fellowship of the Table

We had a pizza party for my daughter's new traveling basketball team. It was a great time for the girls to get to know each other and the parents too. It was an awesome time of food and fellowship. And a night off from cooking.

Who doesn't love food? 

I love food almost as much as I love how it brings people together.

I think that is why I love cooking for my family. Especially now with the ages of my kids and how on a given night we can all be running in several different directions.

This is one of the moments each day or at least a few days a week where we come together around the table over nourishing food. 

I think how easy it might be to just have ready to eat food in the fridge and everyone just grab it when needed and go on about their busy schedule. Yes it could easily happen, even in my house.

Instead we sit, if even for just a short while before rushing out the door and we pray together and eat together and share about our day together. And if I am honest we convince the 5 year old she will like the food "together."

Food and fellowship is not just for around the table at home. It can be a night out with friends, warm coffee and danish at the local coffee shop and large family gatherings over an enormous holiday meal.

When and who will you next meet at the Fellowship of the Table?

I am joining The Nester for #31Days of writing in October

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