Monday, October 07, 2013

Day 7: Be Prepared

We enjoyed another favorite meal today. My husband was home with my sick 5 year old and he put chicken in the slow cooker and shredded it with barbecue sauce. Pulled BBQ chicken, red potatoes and cucumbers.
It was easy and I was thankful for the help.

It allowed me to focus on some prep work this evening. 

Part of successful cooking at home is being prepared. Being prepared for evening meals but also breakfast and lunches. In fact there was left over pulled BBQ chicken that hubby and I can take for lunch tomorrow.

I knew tomorrow evening might be dicey with our schedules. It is my oldest's 16 birthday tomorrow and with our schedule the real celebrating will be later this week. So tomorrow night we are having pizza...with homemade crust. So I prepped that tonight (see the red bowl back left of the photo-pizza dough rising)
I will refrigerate overnight and roll out after work, add healthy toppings and go...all in about 30 minutes.

My children get a bit tired of cereal and toast for breakfast so I made one of their favorites tonight...refrigerator bran muffin mix. It makes about 6 dozen and the batter stays in the fridge for 6 weeks. It never lasts that long in our house but it sure makes life easy in the morning. I crawl out of bed and run down and turn the oven on and then by the time the kids start rising, fresh baked bran muffins are ready. Paired with fruit or yogurt, it becomes a wholesome breakfast and even a great snack. My Kitchen-aid Mixer makes mixing these up super easy!

I had some bananas nearing the end of their I made banana bread. I may freeze it when it cools and save for a rainy day so to speak. We will see if the kids get to it before me in the morning. This photo is black and white to maybe take away from the fact that my oven could stand to be cleaned.!

Next up was my son's birthday cake for tomorrow, which I don't a picture of. It is nothing special and to be truthful it is from a box...but remember sometimes that is okay.

It was a productive night and I hope it will make tomorrow go more smoothly. I had other things I wanted to make ahead tonight but there just wasn't time...maybe another night. I am thinking about making ahead brown rice and quinoa and freezing for easy additions to meals. I can often throw the meat and veggies together quickly...but the pasta or rice is the difficult piece since it takes so much time to do it from scratch.

On a side note, our microwave died the other day. I have learned to cook frozen veggies on the stove, my husband reheated mac and cheese in the oven today and what do you do when your butter isn't quite soft for the above mentioned baking? See below. I am pretty impressed-2 sticks of butter in a freezer bag laying in a bowl of hot water! It worked and glad I did not let no microwave stop me...I mean what did they do before the 1950's? 

I am joining The Nester for #31Days of writing in October

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