Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bubbles, Smubbles!

The explanation of the project said "parents should be limited consultants". Yeah right! I really tried to let my 8 year do the work on this Bubble Blowing Contraption. I am all for projects that demand creativity, but we are talking second grade. This project seemed more the speed for a 5th grader. This project was not part of my son's regular was for his Excel class for high potential students. Yes, my son is at 5th grade level in many areas but he is still just 8 years old in second grade. It became very frustrating especially as he became increasingly frustrated. He could not wrap his brain around it. He could however, tell me all about the adhesion and cohesion of the bubbles themselves. So over the course of a few weeks we have been planning what we would use. Then over the last couple days I have been knee deep in homeade bubble solution helping him perfect it. First we could not get the bubble to release from the wand and then we struggle with how to make it slightly mechanical....out came the imaginext and K'nex pieces, duct tape, a wood stick, some old bolts for weight and a cheap battery operated personal fan with foam blades. I think we did it....I hope we did! I am just relieved it is done. Anyone like lemon Joy dish soap? I have almost a full bottle...yours for the taking! I dislike it....especially after this project (Lemon Joy is the best for homemade bubbles).

Well, I think I should go for know how I said yesterday that "the homemaking manages to get done" did not get done today. We ran some errands, saw friends and played outside I think I better scrub a toilet or fold some laundry before I get fired!


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  1. I'm glad that project is behind you. I bet your hands are squeaky clean, though.