Thursday, May 25, 2006

"A camping we will go....."

Well, as I write this I should be packing clothes and getting things organized for our camping trip this weekend. I am very excited.

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous and hot. Looking forward to some tanning...safely...I will have on my spf 50 so I figure any color I get in spite of the sunblock has to be safe. I plan to get some reading in and lots of munching. Always lots to munch on.

The kids will get a lot of time to swim, play basketball, minature golf and maybe even a hayride..oh and lots of s'mores. Yummy.

I am a little sad though, as originally my two awesome friends next door and their families were supposed to come too but something has come up and understandably so, they will not be there....You will be missed...but we look forward to them joining us Sunday evening hopefully for dinner and a fire.

That is really it for tonight. I may not write again until Monday...unless I get home each day for a shower...I live close to the campground or if Mom has her laptop with.

Have a great weekend!

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