Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"I have two feet"

Well as I said in an earlier post I had broken my right foot about 8 weeks ago. Well today, after being able to put weight on it for about 2 weeks now, I am able to transition from my aircast/boot to a regular shoe. Yippee!!!! Well the doctor's exact words were "a good supportive tennis shoe"...that is so not fashion forward. Plus I have large feet and unless I am wear sweat pants, tennis shoes make me look like a clown.

I have gradually felt my freedom return as I have been putting weight on it and I have been driving for about 2 weeks now. What a relief! I think I could have gone crazy. My muscle has atrophied and my tail bone hurts from having to sit all the time. I have been sitting a little less these days and my muscle will return slowly, some has already. I was told no exercising for about 3 more weeks. I really want to start walking. I am just relieved the healing process went so well after the surgery.

I had so much support and help during my recovery and I just want to say thank you. I am so thankful for family and friends that were able to help me get places, bring food, clean and help with the kids.

"I have two feet" again!

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