Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"A slip of the tongue"

I was thinking that I was not going to have anything to write about today and then it happened....The boys came home from baseball practice tonight. They had a snack and showered and then came downstairs for meds. My 6 year old was the last one down here and it was about time for my husband to go to work and I was kissing him goodbye....we were kissing discreetly passionate! Nathan saw it all. He said "why are you using your tongue when you kiss"! Yikes! I did exactly what I shouldn't and I laughed. He had a sly grin on his face and would not let up...he was determined to find out what exactly we had been doing while kissing. Now before you call social services.....It was not as blatant as you might be imagining. We went on to explain...."that is how you kiss when you are married"....he said "MARRIED? NO WAY!" He then stuck his tongue out and said "is that how you do it with both your tongues?" (it was hard to understand as he had his tongue out when he said it). I should have expected no less from this son...he is my investigator. He always needs to know who, what, where, when and why? Well now I have to wonder who he will tell first. I am sure he went up to bed and told his older doubt it will be the first thing he mentions to my 4 year old daughter in the morning.

I am sure we will recover from this and frankly I cannot help but he did not see us having an argument...he saw love! It is important for our children to see that there parents love each time I will just keep it to a little peck and a hug.

I just cannot help but want to be a fly on the wall when my son experiences his first kiss like that and then remind him of this incident when he said so emphatically "NO WAY"!

Blessings and good night!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That was way too funny. I seriously almost peed my pants. And Conrad's jealous that I don't kiss him like that when HE goes to work.