Monday, May 15, 2006

Who says Monday's have to get you down?

Most people dread Monday mornings....back to work and back to school for most. Mondays for me mean coffee with my friends LaVonne and Nicky. We usually have coffee for a few hours and talk...then we have lunch. Most recently Lavonne has been feeding us her dinner leftovers. She is a great cook always trying new recipes and she says she always makes to much. It is oh so yummy!!! We usually wind down by about 1 pm...keyword is USUALLY!!! Today, we managed to meet in the front yard about 3:30 and sit in lawn chairs gabbing and reading our mail and sharing magazines and comments about new recipes....and the ocassionally shout to the kids telling them they have ridden their bikes to far down the sidewalk. I find it rather amazing that we can do this and never get bored..seriously. It is as though we have known each other our entire lives. We do things as friends..just us girls, as moms, as couples and as families. It is truly a blessing from above.

We often get together other days during the week and sit outside while the kids play and then we do coffee again on Fridays at another good friend Kirsten's house....we usually make it to lunch on Fridays as well. You might think, when do we get our "homemaking" done. It manages to get done, really. There is something very therapeutic about woman hanging out over coffee or diet coke! I believe we are all happier moms because of this time...I know I am. It is nice to have the break. We also do more than gab. We help mend broken hearts, share in each others joys, explore our faith, offer parenting tips and share prayer requests.

I thank God everyday for you ladies and all you have brought to my life. I know our paths have crossed as part of His greater plan.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I seriously had to go get a kleenex. That was sincerely very sweet. I love you too.