Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bible camp, bike ride and other happenings!

So we had our first summer camp experience with our oldest child last week. He went with a friend to a 2 day Bible camp. I was so nervous that we stayed at my sister's which is about 30 minutes away. My worries were irrational...he would get lost, not like the food, forget where his cabin was, drown in the lake.....meanwhile there are 20+ counselors and staff and the ratio was roughly 5 kids to one staff person. Still I worried...but he did great and did not want to leave and he says he is going for the 5 day version next summer...I was thinking 2 days was still a good idea...I guess we will see.

I am also busy getting ready for a trip next week to Texas...I have been away from my kids for 5 days before but my husband has been with me. I am very excited but the control freak in me is getting everything written down for my husband and my parents, who will have them one night. I know everything will be fine.

I have to tell you a funny story that happened yesterday. You see my husband has been taking all three kids on a bike ride at least every other day the last couple weeks. We are talking 3-5 mile bike rides round trip. My boys I can see doing that but even my daughter (who will be 5 tomorrow) is joining the adventure. So yesterday, they went and after about an hour I get a phone call (thankfully my husband took his cell with) saying that they were quite a ways from home and my daughter was whiney and my oldest was had fallen and scraped his knee. My husband had an idea of where they were....on a 2 lane country he gave me rough directions. I drive there and find them and we fold a seat down in the van and load up 4 bikes and 4 worn out riders and head for home. We kept track of the miles....they were 6.5 miles from home and because they had gotten turned around they had likely biked much further than that. They all recovered and my husband's peace offering to them was a trip to Dairy queen. They were thrilled.

Lastly, I can read! Yes I have always been able to read. You see in the last ten years I have read magazines, parenting books, the Bible (not the whole thing..still working on that!), and books for Bible studies...but all of those options usually meant reading most 20 pages in a sitting. I had time for that but I have not read an entire novel since I read The Firm by John Grisham more than ten years ago. I always say I do not have time or I fall asleep when I pick up a book...and those are true. I also have not made the time either! Well 3 friends in the last few months have read this book Marley and Me by John Grogan...daily they would talk about the humor and sadness....clearly a book that causes you to feel something...they could not put it down. Well I had picked it up about 10 days ago and read the intro and 1st chapter...I was intrigued and then I got busy again...well I had some free time today and I sat outside and read it for awhile. I am is so funny! I am to chapter 6. Looking forward to some free time to get back to it this evening.

I guess that is it for now...not much else to report.

Have a blessed day!

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