Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My youngest is 5!

Well my daughter turned 5 today and I still cannot believe it. She was so proud too...she has been counting the days. I had no ideas on what to get her for her birthday...she plays with just a few things otherwise she is off and running outside. She loves clothes...really loves that is mostly what she got from us...she even got underwear...she loved it. I found myself at the last minute wanting to make a mad dash into Target and grab whatever else I could find that every 5 year would want...but then I came back to reality and realized all that would do is make overwhelm her, create more clutter (if you have been reading...I am so trying to get rid of that) so I used self control and did not go and instead threw a $5 bill in with her gifts....she was thrilled. I think we have gotten too hung up on getting the perfect gift...because we want to be the one that gave the most prized toy....I mean who wants to be the one whose gift doesn't get opened immediately. My daughter managed to play with everything tonight and even tried on her new clothes and the underwear. I think we need to remember that it is not the size or cost of the gift but the thought behind it and maybe just some time with that person and some thoughtful words. My daughter got to stay up later tonight and even have an extra piece of cake after her brothers were zonked out....I think that is one of the things she will remember most about today....alone time with Mom and that extra piece of cake. So as her birthday winds down, I realize she will no longer be counting the days until her birthday, at least not until next April...but instead the days until she starts Kindergarten...that will be another emotional day!
Good Night!

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