Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Time

Yes, once again it has been awhile since my last post. It truly feels like time is flying...Seriously...Each day running to the next and then after a few days I say "oh darn, I forgot to blog or I forgot to call someone back." I am really trying to work on that in my continual quest to declutter and simplify our life and home! It is definitely a work in progress. My husband even wondered this morning what is going on...the house is picked up and the dishes are getting done...that is usually his job. Well again, it is a work in progress...not perfect yet..probably never will be. You see I have been thinking long and hard lately about my role here on earth and I know I am here for many reasons...certainly to spread the word of God and minister to others...but that includes my family. I choose several years ago to be primarily a stay at home mom and I love has its moments though...So in this current quest I am also looking to teach my children responsibility and respect for people and things. Do not get me wrong, my kids a re very well behaved and good students. It is just that I see what is happening to today's youth and I am afraid it will happen to my kids. It may mean they have more "chores" than their friends, they will do homework before play everyday and that they are not signed up for every activity under the sun...too many kids are doing 2 sports and swimming lessons and anything else they can fit in all at one the point that one week they miss swimming to go to soccer and then miss baseball to go to a piano recital. I know that parents want there kids to sow their oats and try everything to see what they like and are good at. They think if they take a break from dance to try gymnastics that they will never be allowed back at dance if they decide that is what they like. Come on, if people would just not worry about what others is the whole keepin' up with the Jones' different..reinstitute family time in your home and less running will find you get to know everyone again and actually enjoy each other. Plus think of the money you will save and yes your kids will be fine and over time they may even have improved behavior since they are not running all the time.

Okay so I did not intend to get on a soapbox about this and I am certainly no expert...I hope I did not offend anyone...I was just speaking from what works for our family. Yes my kids will be in sports just not 3 at once. We actually sat and watch a movie together last weekend and it almost brought tears to my eyes...we had a blast hanging out in the living room watching a movie!

Okay after that I am not sure what else to write..have a great day!


  1. AMEN....I agree with you. Unfortunatly, I feel bad for my kids sometimes, I don't let them try a lot of stuff out. I am a very cheap person when it comes to paying for things for my kids to do. Plus, I hate all the running around. I was in virtually nothing growing up and I don't really think I missed out on much. I think kids need to be kids, have an imagination and play outside all day.

    I, too, am a stay at home mom and often wonder what sort of good I'm getting out of this. But then, when I actually get a chance to go do an errand by myself and I come home, after only being gone for 30 minutes, and the kids are so excited to see me, I feel so loved and grateful for that. It's like I've been gone for days. It's priceless. Plus, I know everything about them and I have nothing to worry about having them here with me at all times.

    Well, I guess I should get off my soap box too and tend to the children....

    Talk to you soon,

  2. you both make me giggle- I'll be honest with you about the sports and activities that my children are in. There are so many bad things for kids to get into. Dylan is in hockey, baseball, football because this is something he wants to do but in return he has to do things that are important to me- sunday school, bible camp, ect. I think that is only fair. Also, I'm trying to lead them to making good decisions - they are going to think of the consequenses when it comes to peer preasure/ drugs/sex, ect. I better go!

  3. Everyone has their own situation. I am still after a year and a half adjusting to working outside the home. I struggle everyday. I know that if I keep in the word I'll be okay, but that is so hard. I come home at night and I am so tired. I really haven't been very good about making special times with the kids because I am so exhausted and want to be home when I have the time. I think they actually like the time to be home and play with their toys and be outside.

    Parenting is tough. I think we all do the best we can. Lets just make sure we take the time for ourselves to be refreshed and renewed. Like Christine said, when you come home after some time alone, the kids act like they haven't seen you for a week.

    Miss you all~