Friday, January 26, 2007

Mission Possible..I hope!

So my never-ending quest to simplify and be less busy...has come with a price....that is...a little weight gain. I already have more than I bargained for but was feeling good about myself. The problem was when I was busy and never home, not only did I not eat as much but I was always my busiest I could get 15,000-20,000 steps in a day on the pedometer. So needless to say I am not getting a lot of steps and frankly don't even want to wear the just isn't giving me any good news these days. I guess it cannot measures steps if I am not taking them and sitting at the computer reading blogs...that is another post in itself.

Now it is not all bad because with it has come nice quiet evenings at home with the kids and hubby. We sort of have a bedtime routine again for the kids...that has been a long time coming. It has been very refreshing to feel like we can enjoy our home...why be in one if you are never there.

I am not sure why I got so busy for a while but I kind of think it was because I wanted to keep up with all those Moms who have it all together...perfect home, pefect hair and clothes, volunteer and some even work!!! How do they do that? I am trying to get my house back in order and it is not going well...paper piles know why? Because I was so busy for so long. I would just toss things in wicker made it a little prettier I guess. I think at some point I began leaving to house to escape the mess and my family I am so sorry..I realize now I was just creating more!

So I am on a mission and I could use a little support and that way I am accountable to someone...cause bless his heart, Hubby loves me anyway extra weight, messy house and all!
I am presently going through a bunch of receipts for the past couple that is like a 2x4 hitting me in the forehead, Duh? No person should have that many one!!! Which brings up another quest hubby and I are on...budgeting!!! So anyway, that and paper piles are my current mission...then onto my office and the rest of the house and then having a daily plan to keep order that includes healthy eating and exercise. I cannot think about exercising until the clutter is gone! I kind of need to have everything in order before I can tackle something like that....can you say anal retentive!

I guess what I am saying is it was great that I was out being busy and volunteering at school but if it was interfering with my family...that is just not okay! I wasn't serving my family...all I was serving them was fend for yourself dinners, no bedtime stories and "come on, hurry up let's go"! Not very healthy. Frankly I was not serving up much to the Lord either! This is not something I can do alone, I have been praying about this for sometime now and feel that the answer came over Christmas when the kids were off from school and I had very little going on because of the holidays and when it was time to go back to all those things I did not want to....I knew then God had shown what was I do not love to "quit" but I I did give up a few things...some that I may go back to but that I could no longer keep doing right now if I was going to put God and my family first.

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