Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things kids say and other ramblings!

On Sunday afternoon I was on my way out the door to get some groceries and my daughter was upset that I was leaving. Her and daddy had just set up an old maid game....I told her I will be right play old maid with Dad and "beat the pants off him". She started laughing hysterically and said "Does that mean I get to pull daddy's pants down?" Kids are so funny...obviously we cleared up that misunderstanding.

The only other noteworthy event here is that we have spent better part of the last 6 days with one or more sick kids....4 trips to the doctor later...all 3 have strep....or as my duaghter calls it "strap". I am seriously ready to fumigate the home. I do not know where to start though. I guess since I am home with 2 kids today then I have no excuse than to get something done. So off I go~

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