Monday, August 04, 2008

Where has the summer gone?

I cannot believe it is already the first week of August. We have spent our summer playing baseball and soccer. It has been a blast but it sure made the time go by fast. It dawned on me the other day that when the baseball season started in May I had a 1 month old and now she will be 4 months next week. She has gone from sleeping (or eating, depends on her mood) through the games to being wide awake and playful at the games. She really handled going to the games well and the last week of games we had 9 total games to go to...and she came to 8 of them. She is really alert and attempting to figure out how to crawl. I still think it will be awhile but she is trying. I have been told that next year at the baseball games I will be getting my exercise as it is unlikely Jessica will just sit quietly in the stroller and watch the games. I am going to miss the evenings at the park with Josie playing with her increasing number of friends at the playground, she rarely watched a game but had so much fun building sand tunnels, mastering the monkey bars and sometimes making mud puddles. We often ran from Jared's game to Nathan's game or the other way around as they played on the same night. Soon the boys will start football and Josie will get back into Gymnastics and the basketball is around the corner as well. We will once again be on the go. It is always fun to the kids play sports. They all truly just have a love for the game, whatever the sport.

Not much else new except next week the big kids will be at Music Theater Camp and then put on the performance at the end of the week. Then we start football and gear up for open house at their new school. Wow August really is here and gone in a blink when you look at it that way. I will have to make sometime to just sit and enjoy what is left of summer.

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