Friday, July 30, 2010


My devotion didn't suffice yesterday. I tried to let it be, give it time to show me. I'm feeling impatient with where I am on this journey. I was too eager and had my own agenda of what He was going to show me. As if it was to be redeemed right here and now. I crawled back into bed, it is safe. Maybe I could start over. I wrapped myself in her pink and lay my head down, not on a pillow but on a Bible. As if it was going to sink in via osmosis. Several moments passed, I jolted up and opened it. I debated "Bible Roulette" but instead tried something a little different. My lament sent me to the Psalms. Rifling through its pages, looking for anything to jump out at me. The pages began to turn more slowly and at the 37th I stopped. My eyes were soon fixed on its words. "Psalm 37- Exhortation to Patience and Trust" I read it all. So it won't be restored today...but that is the desire of my heart. I read He wants to give them to me. I want to be through this already. For it to not be in my every waking thought or written on my face. But it is about the long haul I read. Wait for Him and keep His way (Psalm 37:34). Walk through the miry clay, even though I may trip, His hand will prevent a head first fall (Psalm 37:24). Entrust this day, this life to Him for His plan and purposes win the day. So I wait, with stillness (Psalm 37:7) and my heart open for something new. The new I know He is doing in me, I've already seen glimpses and felt its power.

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