Friday, October 22, 2010

When You Don't Know Which Way to Go

I have this pretty plate in a stand on my kitchen counter. I used to write something different every few days...a quote, scripture and even gentle loving reminders to my family. About 6 weeks ago I wrote "Follow Me" Mark 1:17. It is our theme for the year at church. I have not even thought to change it.

A constant reminder when I do not know which way to go, in the kitchen, in life...He says "Follow Me." When my heart and soul are weary, aching and down right sad...He still says "Follow Me." When life is good and really it is always good in Him. But when things seem unscathed and I am treading safely above the water...He still wants me to follow Him.

In all those times He says "Follow Me"...will you follow through?


  1. What a wonderful reminder.

    (came here via Adventures in Babywearing)

  2. I think this is a lovely reminder. I have a very small chalkboard in my kitchen, and I think I might start using it.