Thursday, December 02, 2010

Love Come Down

This time of year the excitement builds as if it is happening for the first time right here and now. The top story on the 10 pm news. Caesar Augustus has called everyone in for a census. Breaking news each day about the journey to Bethlehem. Obviously, the story did not unfold all those years ago on the evening news, instead the Angels told of His Birth.

We can still be waiting with eager anticipation after all these years. It seems that this love come down in the form of a lowly infant can capture me all over again. Babies, naturally bring a calm over people. A moment (hopefully more than that) where all seems right with the world.

There are many struggling this season. Illness, death, the economy, divorce and more can cause us to lose sight of "Emmanuel, God with us." But this love that has come for us can break through the hardest of hearts and carry us through these times.

I journey and wait like a shepherd or a wise men, wanting to see this that has been told to me. Reminded of this Holy Covenant promised of old. A Mighty Savior raised up for us. (Luke 1:67-80) I never tire of reading this.

When I become lost I look for that star that leads the way back to the manger, a simple babe come to save us. I wait with a wounded, but open heart to continually receive this love come down.


  1. Oh my goodness this is moving. Thank you for sharing this. So much. I don't know if I ever remember a Christmas season where there was so much sickness and hurting around me (with friends and family.) It can be so confusing. This was beautiful.


  2. I found you through Adventures in Babywearing. And

  3. It will be a tough one this year but I still feel the excitement and joy of Christmas. I too am looking towards the star and opening myself up to receive the love that comes with it. I hope you and your family enjoy the season as best we BLM's can.

  4. Thank you Jen, for recognizing the struggles, sadness and pressures of the season too. Is part of the pressure the expectation that we muster hope and happiness? What if we just look at that star, and let it's light rest on us; let God's hope travel into our hearts with Mary riding that donkey into Bethlehem? Like our devotion suggested, can we give away the day- leave everything to Him?

  5. this is so beautiful. i have noticed so much pain in my friend's lives, and this is such a wonderful reminder that the star will always be there.

  6. This was a lovely post. Thank you for the reminder of what is truley important in this world.