Friday, March 04, 2011

Broken and Beautiful

Gray that shimmers in the brown. Feet of a crow circle my eyes. It has been a long tired road. Motherhood marks that flank my body. Stretched out, beaten up, broken hearted. Glued back together, brought back anew like beautiful dropped and fallen to pieces. Put back together with care...piece by piece and where they don't fit perfectly it is fashioned fresh with the glue that fills the voids.

The Glue, The Balm

His Love poured out Through His Word

Imprinted on my heart like love stitched into a quilt

Me Made to be...


to be beautiful

I see His mark on me forever


  1. Jen, this is extremely beautiful. "Imprinted on my heart like love stitched into a quilt." Takes my breathe away. That's exactly what His Word, His love is like. Exactly.
    Just lovely, my friend.

  2. I love your honesty and beautiful reflection. Sam and I have been talking about what we look like on the outside and what God sees when he looks at us, and what is really important. I am working on trusting that God will glue all the pieces of my broken heart back together. I feel and see His work being done. Love and Praise,

  3. Very well written and shared from hearts journey that seems deep. God bless you

  4. This is painfully beautiful. Great job!