Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Heaven Stands

The words have been quiet here, but they are abundant
Spilling over the banks of my heart and soul

Unsettled and weary, yet gracefully okay
I swell with emotions I cannot explain
I come still and He gives them purpose

A tangled mess in my pit, unable to see the light
carefully He unravels it and somehow I get there

Resting, holding promise like a treasure to share

Linking up with Heather today-#Just Write


  1. "carefully He unravels it and somehow I get there" <--- love this.

  2. Sounds like you know the One who makes something out of nothing and beauty out of a hot mess. :) Hang in there. At some point, the words will flow again like crazy.

  3. Your words, like always, are so beautiful. I love when they swell here and not just in your heart.

  4. I gasped to see a post in my reader from you again! I am so happy, to see your words again. They are always so beautiful and lovely and make my heart weep.