Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes I Mess It Up

It is usually crazy busy here.  We are rushing in the morning and again in the evening. We have few spare moments to breath, let alone do it right.  My voice carries guiding them to do this and that; cause if we pause even for a moment we may not do it right. I try to teach so that they will be organized and not lose things. Life lessons, I think?!?!

All the time making sure they don't see my mess.  That I don't have it altogether.

My clean laundry piled on my floor.

Papers strewn about the kitchen counters.

The inside of my purse...the black whole.

The tears stored up tight in the attic of my heart.

Where is the grace in that?

The messy that there isn't any time for.  I just go go go, cause...someday their will be time for it.

It is said that we often extend the least amount of grace to those right inside our homes.

Yep, I am working on that.

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  1. Wow! So many great lines.
    "The tears stored up tight in the attic of my heart. Where is the grace in that?"
    I love how you talk about the external AND internal messiness. I also love the reminder to extend more grace...especially to myself and those I love!
    Glad I stopped by from Just Write.

  2. Love it! I know how you feel. Working on it too.

  3. i have been mulling over these words about patient, peaceful parenting a lot lately. thought it might speak to you similarly:

    to grace in the stillness. (my word verification is wearyi!)

  4. I have been recently wondering what my kids would say if they could say who I TRULY AM.
    Are they rolling their little eyes when someone says nice things about me? Am I much nicer to people outside the home than inside? sigh.
    life long process i suppose.
    working on it too.

  5. Oh me too. ME TOO.

    Thank you.

  6. You know, I leave out the messes for my kids to see, and I hope that being real with them helps them to be real with me. Authenticity is hard as a parent - because we want to model what we want them to be - not necessarily who we are. But, I pray that the relationships we make and keep with our own kids are the ones that help them to realize who they really are is okay, too.

  7. Me, too. I'm working on that, too.


    That's hard to admit, to see written.

    I've heard the phrase "love your mess"- this, yes?