Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember...

We lived 70 miles west of the metro area.  My husband worked nights in the city. He drove it everyday. Sometimes on Fridays we would ride in with him and stay for the weekend, coming back Monday or Tuesday mornings after he worked overnight.

This Tuesday morning we left my in-laws to head back to our small town.  I was driving, hubs was sleeping and 2 toddlers and an infant in the back seat snoozing...I bounced around from station to station settling on what I think was Mix 104.1 at the time.

I think the radio personality actually cursed on the air when she saw what was happening on a monitor at the radio station.  I did not feel a need to wake my husband, while it was unbelievable that a plane hit one of the towers, I figured it was a fluke.  Then word that the second plane hit the other tower...I slapped him awake and told him and we continued to listed in utter disbelief, still not fully grasping what may be happening.

We arrived home and got settled and spent several days glued to the national news outlets.

My husband drove back to the city for work later that day for his night shift. I lay awake co-sleeping and nursing my baby in my bed, in my small home in rural Minnesota, where planes are few and far between aside from an occasional crop duster or mosquito control unit.  Trains were far more numerous especially in the dead of night. I don't think I really slept that first night after it all happened.  If I dozed a little I was quickly awakened by what I thought was an airplane right over my house.

I can only imagine how any sound would startle those in high air traffic areas when air traffic was grounded. Or for those living in the surrounding community of such a tragic event.

I watched the news, listened to the personal stories and listened again. As the days turned into weeks we heard more about the heroes, like Todd Beamer and "Let's Roll" .

The ripple effect was felt far and wide. In March 2003, a very good friend from high school, hubby's best man in our wedding was heading to Iraq and he came home and went on to serve another tour there a few years later. Then in September 2005 my sister's husband got the call...and he would serve and come home 22 months later.

But many went to work that September morn and did not come home and countless others would go on to serve in the name of those lost and in the name of freedom and not come home.

I remember.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. 
John 15:13

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