Saturday, February 16, 2013

Painted Sky

There's this feeling that washes over me when I am near a lake...not just any lake but massive lakes that seem to have no end. Lake Superior has always had that affect on me. This past summer I was able get my toes wet in Lake Michigan. There is something about its there must be something on the other side but I just cannot see it.

Lake Michigan-June 2012
Tonight while out driving around sunset my view gave me a similar feeling. We don't live near a body of water that mirrors the enormity of lakes mentioned above...but to the west was this amazing, strong wall of clouds that drew me in. As I fixed my eyes on this breathtaking painted sky (I tried to get a photo but it did not do it justice) was as if it were that distant shore that I've been trying to see. I know something is there waiting...I cannot reach it today. So as I gaze and remain still...I am reminded to abide in the One, whose love is as vast and wide as it gets.

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  1. I'm a river fella myself, the way they run on to who-knows-where, maybe to eternity? The White River in Arkansas is where I feel small and God enormous.