Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In Minnesota we've been dealing with a lingering winter. The season of spring revealed itself on the calendar but mother nature has still been dishing out snow. Honestly it has been beautiful.

During the winter, while others were complaining about another round of snow...I really embraced it. For the first time in as long as I can recall I did not wish it away. I did not try going through my children's summer clothes to make spring/summer feel closer.

I remember, in past years, feeling really down by the end of January and into February as if the winter would never end.

For some reason this year I let the season be a season. Letting the work of nature do it's thing. I did not rush it. I enjoyed quiet snowy days in my yoga pants. I even dreamed about more of these kinds of days.

What I've come to realize is I was in a season. A season of quiet and relearning who I was. Three years ago, as much as I clung to truth through a very sad time in my life...I let it steal who I was.

I let it define me.

I let it take me from my family in a way.

I put my time in things I could control so to speak. Because so much felt out of control.

This long winter has given me time to hide in a healthy way. For some things to lay dormant. Letting nature and God do their thing.

And now in the right season it will sprout and bloom.


  1. "And now in the right season it will sprout and bloom" Beautifully put friend...cannot wait to see the blooms!! See you Saturday!

  2. You are so beautiful. Your heart for the tender in this season of yours is glorious! I feel bad that I scream at the snow in April and can't wait to get the sundresses and sandals out, but that's my season right now. Your words are a gift. I am so proud of who you are.