Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On 19 Years...A Marriage Letter of Sorts

Dear Greg,

I am in awe that it has been 19 years. {February 17}

Yet there are moments where it seems like just yesterday!

We have been up, down and all around...some how we always end up back where we belong.

We juggle the day to day stuff pretty well, even if I need you to show me where the laundry room is.

Some days we wonder when the last time we kissed was but I know that is just cause we are gettin' er done sun up to sun down.

I still dream of Hawaii someday and pretty sure wherever we may get away to we are going to need 2 weeks so we can sleep the first week to catch up after all those late nights doing laundry and making lunches. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anyway, here's to 19 times infinity more years of you and me; us!

I stumbled upon this cute song this morning and it really sums us up.

Love you more!

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