Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Five years ago today I remember so was warm and there was no snow on the ground. I was swelled with life and Jessica was begging to be outside. It was still muddy so we stayed on the deck and just took in the fresh air.
I caught my reflection in the patio door...thoughts of fear surfaced but I had just seen my little one on the screen earlier that week and all was well. I captured that day on my camera even though I wasn't fond of pregnancy photos.
Five years later I am so thankful for this photo from that day...little did I know that belly shot would be all I would have of her, except a fuzzy ultrasound picture.
The picture still speaks so much to me about what was happening in me and my heart even though in that moment I had no idea her days in my womb were almost done...but He was beginning something new.
I still don't understand it and maybe I never will; but I am thankful for each brief moment of pause to remember well.

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  1. I remember it, too. And, this journey you've been on is a sweet story of growth. You are an amazing mom! Hang onto that. Know that you are deeply loved!! ((hugs))